An effective project-related communication does not happen just because builders want to communicate with customers. For the CW Team, all five of our key differentiators involve communication. While we are happy to communicate regularly, and in person, our methods and processes enable the CW Team to communicate well and to exceed your expectations.

1. Design + Build Team. Communication by the Design + Build Teams involves all three disciplines:  architects, designers and construction managers. The Team makes sure that all of the design and construction issues are addressed in a comprehensive manner prior to construction, and that all detail is followed during construction.

2. One Master Contract. Communication is more effective when all are on the same page. CW’s Master Contract applies the same communication requirements, as well as other requirements to all project participants.

3. Complete Plans + Specs. Plans and specs are not only made comprehensive, but are completely reconciled with one another by the Design + Build Team, minimizing ambiguities and decisions. This is the one area, where less communication is good.

4. Independent Accounting. Communication about your project’s financial health is just as important as any other aspect of your project. CW provides for independent accountants and processes, which communicate directly with you to provided updates about your project.

5. Communication Platform. Processes include a cloud-based blog system, daily job notes, and online reporting by all project participants. All communication is tagged by subject matter, job phase, and any other relevant criteria for easy review. Your project Schedule, Selections Timeline, and Daily Updates by the project manager and others are posted online.