Construction Consulting puts our Client first. Sometimes this method involves working as an Owner Representative. At other times, it stands for a construction management process. Either way, the approach by Chicago Workshop remains the same: we use our communication, project management, design and accounting processes to provide clarity and peace of mind to our clients by operating with complete transparency.

1. Contractor Services. When functioning as a contractor, we use the same approach as if we are consulting a client. This means that all functions are performed with total transparency, complete reporting, and in the best interests of the client. To that effect , we follow key strategies which make up the essence of Chicago Workshop:

– Escrow all funds with title companies and hire independent accountants for every project to provide reporting, invoicing, draw administration and payouts.

– Use custom cloud-based communication system for daily communication with all project participants and clients.

– Enable clients to enforce the construction contract against all participants, including all subcontractors, and enable all parties to work by the same rules.

– Provide 100% comprehensive plans which leave no detail out.

– Provide a Design + Build Team, including Architects, Designers and Project Managers to engage in both, design and construction, so that all issues are addressed in a comprehensive manner throughout the project.

2. Owner Representation: We consult clients on all aspects of their project, while they are engaged with a builder. Our functions vary, depending on the stage of the project when we have been hired. We can assist a client from the very start of a project, or offer “project rescue” services, as the case may be. See more – Project Rescue.

• Design + Build
• Architectural Design
• Construction Management
• Design and Selections
• Communication Management
• Litigation Support
• Budgets, Bidding, Job Costing
• Draw Administration
• Scheduling
• Interface between Parties
• Contract Administration
• Zoning & Permitting
• Inspections & Code Compliance