2167 Farnsworth, Northbrook – Custom Home Available

2167 Farnsworth, Northbrook – 3D Kitchen Plan

Glencoe Home, Lakefront

Buyers are busy and lack the time and the tools to review rehab possibilities for most homes they see. It simply takes too long. As a result, they may miss excellent opportunities, spend more time looking, and possibly settle for less in the end.


• Chicago Workshop Architects and Builders work closely with neighborhood realtors to identify and propose Updated Homes by Chicago Workshop. We select homes by taking into account the market value, structure, and construction costs.

• To help you visualize a completed project, we make your home come alive in 3-D. Our designers provide choices to help you make easy decisions that reflect your style.

• We have plans for additions which were designed with many of the common layouts in mind.

• If you have a home in mind, we can quickly review a home you may be interested in, and propose a viable plan.

• Our process is designed to make the experience of updating your future home fun, safe, and interactive.


• Our comprehensive process is centered on you and includes a Design + Build Team, which includes architects, interior designers and construction managers.

• We handle all money through title company escrow accounts. Draws, payouts, invoicing, job costing, and any related issues are handled exclusively by Third-Party Accountants.

• Our communication process includes a communication platform used by all project participants.

• Our construction process starts by aligning all interests and processes under the same Master Contract, where all project participants agree to follow the same rules, processes, schedules, quality and warranty requirements.

• Comprehensive plans are a key to any project success. We include even the smallest detail in ours. This minimizes mistakes and manages everyone’s expectations.

• We use time tested manufactured and insulated wall systems, which eliminate the need for much of the framing and concrete labor, and help the structure to go up quickly, independent of weather, and in mold-free conditions.

• At the Chicago Workshop, architects also manage construction and work closely with all disciplines, including designers. This improves quality, eliminates waste, and makes you a satisfied client.

• For qualified buyers, our investor team can buy purchase a home of your choice for you, rehab it, and then sell it to you at the closing, once completed to your satisfaction.