Partner-Team Members

Very few people are good at everything, but business owners are responsible for managing it all: sales, marketing, estimating, project management, purchasing, hiring, human resources, legal, and more. Unfortunately, when one manages all things, one loses opportunities to do what they do best.
The Chicago Workshop Partner-Team Program provides whatever resources you need to run your business successfully. We help you improve your bottom line by focusing on the things you and your employees do best. As a CW Partner-Team member, you work for yourself, but you are not alone:

1. Sales. Our complete sales team includes an architect, an interior designer and a project manager. Together, they provide for a seamless sales process, which is a critical first step of any design + build.

2. Architectural Design. The CW Architect Partners make it easy to build, by providing 100% complete plans, which include all needed detail and leave no room for decisions in the field. The Partner Architects are a critical part of the design + build process, delivering a quick turnaround and teamwork.

3. Project Management. The CW Construction Management Partners work as a team together with designers, architects, and the Accounting Team to provide for a seamless design + build process.

4. Accounting. All construction draws, deposits, payments, Lien Waivers, Contractor’s Sworn Statements, job costing, purchase orders and any other accounting, documentation and purchasing is handled by independent CPA’s and their staff. Customers, lenders and the CW Partners can have confidence in the financial health of their project. This will also help you be better organized for tax filing.

5. Marketing. Realtor Team-Partners work together with our architects, designers and construction managers to propose and list ready-to-build designs for specific projects. We help you envision the final product by providing 3D plans, interior design and selections assistance. Our SEO processes helps Partner-Team members build a robust sales pipeline.

6. Investment and Financing. Equity Team-Partners can provide financing for spec projects or land acquisition. The complete CW Team-Partner process, including pre-sale capabilities, a strong design + build team and the independent accounting process provides confidence to investors.

7. The Hub. CW is a valuable resource for Team Partners in finding the right professionals, such as attorneys, IT, SEO and website development, HR outsourcing, realtors, accountants, and more.


You work hard, invest in your business, take risks and incur liabilities. But are you building value in your company worthy of your investment? How will you sell your company when the time comes? What happens if you retire or can no longer work?

The CW Partner Team program offers a wide spectrum of unique, individually-tailored solutions for owners interested in maximizing their return: from partnering up with CW to handle some aspects of their operations to eventually having CW purchase your business. You should run your business with a goal in mind.  What is you’re your goal?