Chicago Workshop Architects & Builders can help get your project back on track.
While most builders want to do a good job, some succumb to the financial, organizational, and other pressures affecting their business. We use our project management, accounting, and communication resources to help clients and builders realistically assess the status of the project and arrive at solutions:

– Establish schedules

– Review budgets and job costing

– Review change orders and disputes

– Handle draw administration

– Review plan compliance and code compliance

– Handle municipal, permit, and inspection issues

– Review and manage subcontractor performance

– Review and manage bidding and proposals

– Review quality of work

– Provide design and selections assistance



– Schedules shift without a good explanation

– Contractor lacks communication processes

– Contractor underpays or does not pay subs

– Contractor tries to buy “volume’ work from subs, commingling projects’ money when trying to pay for one job with money from another job

– Incomplete Contractor’s Sworn Statements showing “to be let” categories

– Contractor fails to collect insurance certificates from subs

– Contractor and Title company does not collect all lien waivers when money is disbursed

– Lien Waivers are incomplete or inaccurate

– Contractors grow too fast, lacking staff, credit and wherewithal to handle a project

– Contractor does not control agreements with all vendors or sub-vendors

– Architectural plans lack specificity requiring the trades and others to make field decisions

– Contracts with Owner and vendors lack itemization

– Owner receives liens or other claims

– Change orders are a surprise

– Partially paid subs no longer work diligently

– Subcontractors stop work because they are owed money for other jobs